Cuisine: Indian

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Pani Indian Kitchen

Pani is Cayman’s most popular choice for authentic Indian cuisine. Our vibrant, unique décor and fragrant dishes transport you to a bustling and aromatic street bazaar. Indulge in a menu that highlights traditional flavour profiles from various regions of India, prepared by a team of talented Indian chefs: handmade Samosas, Malabar Shrimp Curry, Paneer Butter Marsala, along with the “modern” classics made famous in the UK, such as Chicken Tikka Masala. Located on the crescent in Camana Bay, Pani is open for both lunch and dinner.

Deep fried onion fritters with garlic mint raita

Crispy fried dumplings stuffed with potato, peas, ginger, tamarind chutney

Crispy fried dumplings stuffed with beef, potato, peas, ginger, tamarind chutney

Cottage cheese, sweet peppers, onion in roti

Boneless crispy chicken with bhanu gravy

Pan fried spinach, potato, green peas

Pan fried minced lamb, cumin, onion, cilantro

Deep fried, spiced snapper in chickpea batter

All served with fresh mint chutney

Cottage cheese, sweet peppers, fennel, house made yoghurt

Skewered corn, spinach, chilies, cilantro

Skewered minced chicken, roasted with onion, cumin, chilies

Skewered minced lamb, roasted with onion, cumin, chilies

Mint, cilantro, marinated prawns with onions, chilies

Yoghurt, cheese marinated chicken

Yoghurt and ajwaini marinated mahi

Pickle yoghurt marinated mahi

Spicy yoghurt, pomegranate, beetroot marinated chicken

Tiger prawns marinated in chili yoghurt and spices

Lobster marinated in chili yoghurt and spices

Crispy puri stuffed with potato, onion, chickpeas, cilantro chutney, drizzled with spiced water

Crispy puri stuffed with potato, onion, chickpeas, cilantro chutney, drizzled with yoghurt

Mixture of puffed rice, sev, tomato, potato, onion, sweet and sour, spicy chutneys

Fried papdi, onion, tomato, chickpeas, chutney

A great way to enjoy all four with friends

Tomato and cilantro broth with cumin

Chicken broth with curry leaves and crushed black pepper

Creamy lentil soup with rice and coconut milk

Onions and potato

Fresh garlic and cilantro

Fresh ground lamb

Raisins, nuts, paneer, potatoes and coconut

Whole wheat fresh from the tandoor

Whole wheat stuffed with potato and peas

Thin golden crispy rice and lentil crepe

Stuffed with spiced potato and onions

Topped with onion, tomato, cilantro and chilies

Cottage cheese, onion, tomato, sweet peppers

Black lentils, onions, tomato, ginger, chilies

Mushrooms, peas in a cashew and onion gravy

Cottage cheese dumplings, dried fruit, nuts, tomato gravy

Cottage cheese tikka in creamy tomato gravy

Chicken, fenugreek leaves in mild cashew gravy

Chicken with cinnamon, chilies in spinach gravy

Braised in chilies, garam masala with jeera rice bhuna gravy

Pork with red chilies, star anise, cinnamon

Tandoori chicken in creamy tomato gravy

Braised lamb shanks in cardamom, clove, bayleaf and kasmiri red chilies

In creamy local coconut, curry leaves

Chicken, onion, tomato, coconut with local curry leaves

Prawns, onion, tomato, sweet peppers

Pan fried semolina coated snapper, red chilies, local curry leaves with dal

CAB beef and potato in spicy masala paste, with local curry leaves

Cumin marinated, pan fried with aloo jeera, vindaloo gravy

Chili yoghurt marinated half chicken, mint yoghurt dip

Chili yoghurt marinated lamb chop, jeera rice, lababdar gravy

Yellow lentils, onion, tomato, garlic

Cauliflower florets, potatoes with cumin

Vegetables in fresh spinach and cream

Chickpeas in onion and tomato gravy

Potatoes and onions tossed with cumin

Fresh vegetables in creamy coconut sauce

Dark rum, ginger infused simple syrup,fresh lime juice & ginger beer

Vodka, fresh cucumber juice & blueberries

Rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, mint, fresh watermelon & ginger ale

Milk dumplings immersed in rose flavored sweet syrup

Sweetened carrot, nuts, served with vanilla ice cream

Sweetened rice with nuts and cardamom

Curly, crispy funnel cake soaked in sugar syrup